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Piers Gorge

Norway, MI 49870

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Michigan State Park-requires Michigan Passport

One of the most scenic and popular natural attractions in the river corridor is Piers Gorge. It contains some of the fastest-moving water in Michigan and Wisconsin. It is not navigable for general canoeing (class IV to V white water), but still offers beautiful scenery and good wildlife viewing from shore. It has become one of the more popular destinations for expert class kayakers in the eastern U.S. An undeveloped foot trail parallels the gorge for ½ to 3/4 of a mile.The Piers Gorge hiking trail  includes hills, rocks and rugged terrain, making the trail challenging. The trail begins with a map at its trail head, followed by two foot bridges. Wooden markers direct you to four piers along the river trail. The first pier includes a scenic stop, small rapids and a steep hill to climb. Pier 2 follows another steep climb and strong rapids. Between piers 2 and 3, find more steep spots, scenic viewing locations and very strong rapids. Pier 4 has two markers, the first near a grassy meadow, and the second closer to the river. Past the fourth marker there are very steep boulders to climb, and the trail ends after approximately 3/4 miles in a grassy meadow full of ferns.


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