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As the snow melts, spring waters flow through the county to wake up the wilderness from winter’s rest. Rivers now are swelling to allow canoeists and kayak’s travels, and trout fisherman. As warmer weather ushers into spring and summer, the only limits to activities are your own.

Fishing abounds throughout the entire county, with many species of fish, from walleye to panfish to bass, are available on lakes and rivers. Boaters and water-skiers will find many lakes and rivers available to enjoy those warm summer days.

Fishing guides are available, listing area lakes and maps, directions, size, accessibility and species of fish. See Michigan DNR information below on state regulation information. NOTE: On boundry water (Menominee River) you may use either a Michigan or Wisconsin-fishing license.


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Bass Lake

Iron Mountain, MI 49801 US

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Bass Lake

Iron Mountain, MI 49801

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